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Player data is fully logged from webpages to your disk and contains percentage of hands played, notes, player image, showcards, threats on board and so forth.This tool rolls 3 tools into one and is definitely a must have if you a serious about online poker.You can also customise the range based on your position over your opponents.This extract contains your cards, the cards on the table and your opponents shown cards.It is easy to navigate and they answer you fairly efficiently.

This means that the bot will not allow you to play a losing hand and will just fold automatically if this is the case.They have an easy to use contact page and even welcome suggestions.The tool also gives you weekly reports that are emailed to you.The developers at started with this tool in 2006 and have constantly updated and tweaked the bot.PS Play ByVoice has been on the market since 2011 and it receives constant updates.The HUD appears at your poker table, however it does require you to move them to the corresponding player.Not only does it have a vast array of tools it also supports Holdem, all variations of Omaha and all variations of Stud.

Once you have set the basics and selected your position you can calculate the all in push probability of the other players and the app will give you a probable outcome based on the information supplied.Preflop Poker Bot Assistant In the words of Mr Kenny Rodgers, you got to know when to holdem and know when to fold them.Once you have all of your hand history loaded, using the information in that database is as simple as clicking on the screen name of one of your opponents.Poker Mate Another handy tool that you can carry around with you is Poker Mate.Poker Office has gone from strength to strength and in Poker Office 6, the volume of data available to analyze your fame and track your results competes with industry giants such as PokerTracker4 and Holdem Manager2.But it does limit you to only one panel and there are no panels available for zoom tables.It automatically places your mouse pointer over the fold button of the table that is in the foreground.PokerSnowie was developed 13 years ago with the first 10 years just spent on collecting data on different plays.After a slightly tricky installation, the bot comes with a predefined profile that can start playing immediately.

To keep up with it players need to stay ahead of the game and keep with latest poker tools to give them the edge.Stud indicator attaches itself to your table and then all the fun things start to happen.

Poker Wizard Poker Wizard works in conjunction with PokerStars.Texas hold 'em (also known as hold. Poker Software Poker Software Software List Poker Tools Poker Odds Poker Spreadsheet Poker Dictionary RGP Archive Poker Books.One of the most advanced features is that it has the ability to determine the style and betting penchants of the other players at the table, look for patterns in the way they play and then give you the best course of action to follow in order to win.

FullAutoHoldem Grinding smaller tables to build a bankroll can be a tedious task.Poker Office Poker Office is a real-time poker odds calculator.If you want to test this software out, it is available for 30 days as a trail license with full functionality.The Tool start to gather useful information about your opponents and analyses there playing style.

A powerful, comprehensive tracking and analysis program, this application is compatible with most of the major online poker sites.Poker Odds Software software free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Poker Odds Software Shareware and Freeware.It does this by automatically adjusting the text size of the stats.Along with this is a hand odds that give you a statistic of your chances of hitting your required cards.You can also select the language of the PS Hand Watcher despite the language that was selected for the Lobby and game tables and also the Hand History of PokerStars.

They have a simpler support structure where you can email any bugs or suggestions to.You are able to download the software and use it under a trial license.There are some legal bots which are designed to help you improve like PokerSnowie, but some of the bots you have listed are very unethical and against TOS for just about every poker site.You will then be forced to focus on the other tables and give your attention to the tables that you do still have control over.We must emphasize that Spade ICM is a convenience package, not cheating software.The level of data that you can input can be broken down further into the number of pots a player has won, provided betting is closed.The ultimate online Poker Odds Calculator helps you win more hands with intelligent & profitable decisions. Download Poker Calculator from its official source.

Another great feature of the HUD is it bases what information it shows you depending on your position at the table, stack sizes and number of players at the table.Holdem Indicator Holdem Indicator is a poker odds calculator.The world's most trusted Texas hold'em poker odds calculator. Improve your poker or find out just how bad that bad beat was.Official Poker Rankings Official poker Rankings is a free online ranking system.HHSmithy allows you to play the best tables with unlimited reads.The predefined hands that you can apply to the opposition are not just random cards.

It was developed by a lone developer by the name of Aaron Peelle and has undergone a few updates since its initial release.Pot Odds stats represent the ration of how many chips there are in the pot to how many chips you require to place a bet.An honest review of the best free Poker HUDs and tracking software on the market. A poker HUD is an essential tool in modern online poker. Allowing users’ to keep.An important point to remember about poker calculators is that they are there to teach you.Installing this tool is simple and once the initial setup is completed it is fairly automated.Holdem Profiler is one of the very select few that can boast an easy automatic import.The bot does require a hopper which is a paintball term but in essence it loads the poker bot to the table.